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Learn more about the Life behind the Lens

So about me well …

Photography has been part of my life since I was a young kid, I was given a camera as a birthday present, this was a camera that used a big roll of film and through the years I have witnessed technology change in so many ways to the point we are now with the latest cameras being able to do just about anything you want with regard to capturing images or video within one device.

I have captured weddings, done exhibitions and have also had images published in tourist books. But at the heart of it all I capture images I want to capture to then display for people to enjoy or even purchase if they feel inclined.


This site will take you on a journey of the Images in Life I have captured ,which span a lifetime of witnessing technology advance in a huge way helping myself and others put forward the world we now live in.

Nature Shot
Extra camera lens

Technology has brought photography to the masses in a way no one could have imagined. It has also meant that to get an image noticed you have to do something special that isn’t just a “holiday snap” type image, because today millions and millions of images are captured each and every day.

Social media has been a huge part of the way images are seen displayed and used as has the general media and while the old saying the camera never lies is true in what it captures, what is presented to the viewer of an image can be so manipulated is far beyond what most people understand.

 Equipment I use 

Nikon D810 converted to Full Spectrum

Nikon Z9 the very latest from Nikon

Numerous Nikon F and now Z lenses

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