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  • Autumn is here for certain

    All around us in the northern hemisphere the colours are changing to give us the most colourful time of the year

  • Fancy lights in Durham Cathedral

    Life by Luxmuralis has been on display inside the cathedral for 4 days , I was lucky to get to witness it this being one such shot with more to follow

  • Moonlight and a lake

    While in the Lake District there was a clear night that enabled me to capture this shot looking towards Pooley Bridge from Howtown

  • Oh the Lake District

    Recently spent a week around Ullswater , which has provided me with so much to photograph and for you to enjoy

  • 2 Weeks in Wales

    An awesome trip with so much to photograph from aircraft, birds , buildings,and stunning scenery, Kicking off with a couple of Red Kite shots

  • Spring is here

    The young are starting to appear demanding food from very busy parents this starling and its sibling are no different

  • Wink Wink

    When a Tawny owl winks at you it's going to do something soon, well after an hour it winked at me

  • Let's get detailed and close up

    A Macro lens and stacked focus shots can produce highly detailed shots with every part of the image in focus that can be zoomed in to show high amounts of detail. These images of flowers are such examples. detailed images

  • Bird Wars 2

    Bullies are very much present in the bird world , be it over territory or in this case a feeding station and one bird not happy with others one it

  • Cute bird alert

    One of the cutest birds in my eyes is the Long Tailed Tit, they have such a cheeky face about them

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