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  • Waterfalls for all

    There is something special about waterfalls both in a simple visit, or with the purpose of photographing a wonder of nature, they are relaxing and refreshing in all aspects. This was my visit to Summerhill Force and Gibson's cave near Barnard Castle. More images can be found on my website check it out now.

  • Some have it , Some don't

    Some go for the easy food others well judge for yourselves

  • A Tale of 2 Ducks

    Mr and Mrs Teal wandering across a frozen pond , reflecting perfectly on the icy surface, Mr did have a slippery encounter while I was snapping his partner and did fall over which sadly I didn't capture

  • Bird Wars

    So I paid a vist to RSPB Salthome yeasterday and was witness to some agressive moves on the feeding table, It all started with Goldfincher warning greenie finch off his table, Greenie Finch wasnt going to have any off it and called for reinforcments which arrived pronto , Goldfincher was outnumbered ..... demanding his mates helped him out. We then had a standoff as to who's move it was next between the pair of them, neither wanting to make the first move Before it all kicked off big time with plenty of feathers flying and squarking going on With others deciding they wanted to be out of the situation The rest just carried on as normal, with some standing at the side and just watching and waiting With lots of talk about what was happening some were deep in talks Greenie Finch having plenty of mates around and having seen Goldfincher off decided it was time to show his better side in PR photo shoot. Other just carried on eating and minding thier own business

  • Birds of a feather

    This Greater Spotted Woodpecker is a regular visitor to the garden loving the peanuts, that maybe help with getting rid of those winter feathers. I am sure we are going to see a lot more, but the pose will be just about the same each time. Throughout the year I will be posting the visitor's to the garden, which being in a rural area and farmland close by will result in many visitors. Add to that my RSPB membership there will be plenty of feathers to see.

  • Iceland: Fire and Ice

    Iceland WOW!!! fire and ice in every sense these images are from 2 visits to this island sitting on the junction of 2 of the earths tectonic plates.

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